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Permanent makeup (tattoo)

What is permanent makeup and what is its essence? Permanent makeup (micropigmentation, dermopigmentation) is a procedure for drawing the main lines of makeup by introducing a pigment substance into the upper layers of the skin (depth - 0.5-1 mm). The purpose of permanent makeup is to emphasize natural beauty or to correct shape and volume. When choosing a specialist who can provide you with permanent makeup services, we recommend contacting only specialized studios where permanent makeup is done, or specialists presented on this site. Be sure to ask all the questions you are interested in and, most importantly, receive professional, informed answers to them. Pay attention to what equipment the master uses, what needles and pigments he uses to perform the procedure. Check out the specialist’s portfolio, preferably with healed works, and get detailed advice when choosing a color. Do not settle for an unqualified procedure, do not be greedy for the low cost of the procedure. Remember that PM cannot cost the same as a manicure. Choose a specialist based on the recommendations of your friends and relatives, as well as based on the ratings of specialists on our website!

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